finance for teens

The majority of parents complain that their teenage children do not listen to them. However when it comes to money related aspects, the opposite is true. Teenagers are usually glad to hear parent’s advice as to finances. That is the reason for the parents to be a good model for their children in money matters.

Some Tips on Teaching Teenagers Money Saving

In several recent years, billions of dollars were earned by teenagers working part time or in summer. Some of the young people have spent their earned money, but there are others, who saved a certain amount or even most parts of their earnings for some big purchase, or educational purposes.

Children nowadays are more aware of the ways and sources of family income as well as its financial status. When they start their own independent life they apply the money-spending patterns of their family. That is why parents are responsible for teaching their kinds the principles of wise approach to money and should explain the way the service providers like Cash Advance Loan Store company work.

There are some ways you can use as a parent to teach your teenage child the art of saving those hard-earned means:

1. Be an example.

Living in the family, children feel the lifestyle and see the way money is spent. Give them as much explanation as possible as to how to save while shopping for food or maintaining auto. Share the principles you use for your household budget. As soon as your children become adult, they will do the same things you do when means for household needs are required.

finance for teens2. Set up a bank account for your teenager.

As soon as your teenage child gets a bank account set under his name, he will immediately realize that he is now financially responsible. Devote some time to explain your kid how the bank account is managed and which benefit can he get in case of saving a certain amount. The means saved can once be spent for college education or even a new personal auto. The additional advantage of big purchases, like a car, is the sense of accomplishment, when the savings are materialized into a definite thing to demonstrate. Don’t forget to check for special benefits offered to the customers of such an early age in the banks, by the way.

3. Create a “spending plan”.

When a child hears about budgeting, he often tends to think it will mean restricted spending for him, but a good idea is to create a “spending plan” for your teenager. This trick will not only bring excitement to him, but will make him think about the ways to spend their own means in a wise way. Suggest making a list of earning versus outgoings and try to give your child the understanding of the necessary things and the luxury ones, which people can do without.

4. Make a “mock” investment in the stock market.

Make your teenager aware of the financial options he has. Introduce the business news section of your daily newspaper to your child and suggest him to make a “mock” investment choosing among the companies manufacturing good she likes. Monitor the stocks together and depending on the situation there your child will gradually learn to make right investing decisions in future.

Credit Cards

Top Tips To Help You Understand How Your Business Can Benefit From Accepting Credit Cards

The simple truth of the matter is that people are much more willing to use their credit and debit cards to pay for things in the here and now. If they don’t have enough cash on them or are forced to go and get some from a cashpoint, you may well find you lose out on the sale, simply because they cannot be bothered.

The majority of adults in the UK have at least one credit card, each with access to a large amount of credit to spend. This means that by not offering them the choice of using their credit card to buy your products or services, you will not secure their business and they may go to a competitor instead.

Credit CardsWith recent surveys showing that most businesses see an increase in their profits after introducing credit card payments, it is important to investigate the matter further to see if this is a good option for your business. The following points should put things into perspective, as well as enable you to weigh up the benefits to your business of accepting credit card payments and seeing if it is worth it.

1. Who carries cash?

It is really important to recognise how little cash is carried around by the average person these days. Indeed, many taxis even use portable chip and pin devices these days to enable them to take payment from customers without having to make various and time-consuming cash machine detours.
With online retail sales growing on a yearly basis, it is not hard to see that cash sales are going to keep reducing year on year, as well as people becoming ever more used to just using their cards instead of cash and just expecting all retailers and service providers to offer a credit card payment option. If you don’t offer this option, you’re ultimately making it more inconvenient for your customer.

2. Sales boost

Depending on what your business is, you may or may not rely on certain impulse buys. For instance someone walking through town on their way home might be attracted to something in your shop window and find themselves tempted to make a purchase. However, since they are on their way home, they have no more cash in their wallet so if you don’t offer a credit card option; you lose out on this impulse buy.

With credit card payments, you also get access to the money a lot faster than you would do with cheques or even cash because you don’t need to go to the bank. Credit card payments do take a day or two to process (generally no more than 24 hours these days) but are visible in your account and require none of the hassle of counting up and going to the bank.

3. Less time consuming

If you are planning to launch products or services online, it is vital to offer credit card payments, whether customers pay online or can call and pay over the phone. This not only saves you and the customer a lot of time but also increases the likelihood that they’ll buy more at the time, or come back and become a repeat customer. The same is true of offering a credit card payment option in store or in your office. It is just a lot simpler and a lot less time consuming for all those involved.

You’ve also got to think about how time-consuming it is to cash cheques, especially considering what it is like when the customer gives you a fraudulent cheque or has insufficient funds. This not only takes time to rectify but it also ends up costing you money!

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James writes for TMI. When not writing, he can often be found supporting local businesses by using his credit card on them.

Sole Proprietorship

You’ve made the decision to get involved in the new American dream: small business ownership.  Small businesses create more jobs than major corporations.  One of the first things to consider is the structure of your new venture.  The most popular structure is the sole proprietorship.

Sole Proprietorship

Sole Proprietorships: An Overview

This is the simplest structure for a business that only has one owner.  A sole proprietorship has fewer legal regulations, but more personal liability.  While there are fewer regulations for a sole proprietorship, there are still several considerations and things to remember.

Every state and county is different.  You should check not only at the state level, but at the county level to make sure that you can run your particular business from the location you choose…such as your home office.  There are certain business types that cannot be operated from a person’s home.

If you plan to use a fictitious name or trade name, check with the Secretary of State to make sure that the name isn’t already in use or deceptively similar to the name of another business.  Then, register the name with the Secretary of State.  The fee for this is usually quite low.

How Will Taxes Work?

As a sole proprietor, you must still pay taxes.  You must register with the state.  Hire a good CPA if you do not like or you are not good with taxes.  Save all of your receipts and set aside about 25% of your earnings for taxes.  This business is not legally separate from you as an individual.  You will report all of your business income or losses on your 1040 with a Schedule C.  A CPA can help you with this process and with the self-employment tax, contributions to Social Security, contributions to Medicare, and any other money withholding that needs to take place because of the law.  While this is a very inexpensive way to own a business, better tax breaks are available for businesses that incorporate.

Since your business is an extension of you, you are personally liable if someone sues your business.  If a supplier goes unpaid or if you default on any business related obligation, you can be sued and will be held responsible for the debt.  A creditor can come after many of your personal assets.  It is important to have a good business attorney in mind just in case the unexpected occurs.

What About EINs?

You will need an Employee Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS if you plan to hire employees, have a certain type of retirement account, want to incorporate or form an LLC, or if you wish to file bankruptcy for the business.  It may be beneficial to apply for an EIN even if none of those situations apply.  Using an EIN instead of your social security number can help establish you as an independent contractor and help prevent identity theft.  You can obtain an EIN from the IRS website.

Starting a business is exciting and scary.  An experienced business attorney can walk you through the requirements of setting up and maintaining a sole proprietorship in Texas.  They can also address any concerns or explain the benefits of other business formations that may make more sense for your individual situation.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Colley and Colley, LLP, a law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane thinks that sole proprietorships are really common.


Top Tips To Help Small Businesses Avoid Tax Return Penalties

The tax return deadlines always seem to be so far away, however, they soon arrive with stealth and often take small business owners by surprise. It is vital you allow enough time to fill your company’s tax return out accurately; else you may end up being hit with a huge fine from HMRC.

You have two deadlines to aim for, one of which is the 31st October and is for submitting a paper based tax return whilst the other is 31st January for an online submission. You need to be prepared to submit your company’s tax return; otherwise you risk punishment in the form of a fine, which no small business can afford.
Submitting a tax return needn’t be so bothersome, therefore below you’ll find a number of handy tips and guidance which will hopefully help you avoid making any mistakes, as well as ensure your return is submitted on time.

Make sure you have a record of all of your expenses

Keeping an accurate record of all your expenses is incredibly important for a small business. You need to make a concerted effort to keep track of everything you spend, from buying pens, pencils and paper right through to parking, petrol, travel and expensive computer equipment.

These expenses will be totted up against your earnings and reduce your overall profit, which means you will owe less tax. You must have proof of your expenses if you are claiming them, since you never know when your claims might be followed up by the taxman. If you do not have proof, you can get into a lot of trouble, so make sure you keep all receipts, bank statements, cheque stubs and so on to prove what you have spent.

Ensure you always double check your calculations

This may sound like an obvious comment; however, the number of small business owners that fail to check and then double check their calculations is outrageous! Whatever you enter into your tax return should be checked and double checked by you and then by at least one other person.

This will reduce the likelihood of you having made an error and ensure that, should HMRC query your return, you have nothing to worry about. Online submission will help with the calculations so you don’t have to worry as much, however if you are doing a paperbased submission then the most important calculation to check is that your net income and tax deducted figures come to what you have stated is the gross income of your company.

File it on time!

For goodness sake, make sure you file your tax return on time! Despite having plenty of time to fill in and submit returns, many small businesses leave it to the last possible minute and often come a cropper because they don’t have all the paperwork or additional information they actually need.

If you are submitting a paper based return, it must be received by HMRC by midnight on the 31st October. This means you can’t send it on the 31st October! You should aim to get your return into the post at least a week before, if not two weeks for safety’s sake. This means you should really have collected all the information you need throughout September to allow accurate filling out of the return in early October. It’s also a good idea to send it via Recorded or Special Delivery so you can prove your efforts should HMRC not received it on time.

If you are completing your return online, then the deadline is midnight on the 31st January. Again, it is worth completing the return two weeks or so in advance just to make sure everything has been submitted OK. You can save the submission in stages as you go, so it does not all have to be done at once, which is a lot more user friendly.

If you do not send in your return on time, your company will be fined. For instance:

  • 1 day late = £100 penalty
  • More than 1 day late (Max 3 months) = You will be charged £10 per day for a maximum of 3 months, which could add up to £900. Plus the 1 day late fine of £100.
  • More than 3 months late (Max 6 months) = An additional £300 charge or 5% of the amount of tax you owe. Plus the other two fines above.
  • More than 6 months (Max 12 months) = An additional £300 charge or 5% of the amount of tax you owe. Plus the other three fines above. You may even be asked to pay a fine of 100% of the tax you already owe!

In some severe cases, the fines can be even more extreme so it is well worth making the effort to submit your company’s tax return on time.

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James writes for Modern Accountancy. When not writing, he can often be found avoiding paying tax penalties.

Outsourced Accounting

As a business grows, so does the amount of paperwork that distracts the business owners and operators from their main line of work. Government regulations, contractual obligations and other rules quickly add up to create full time responsibilities that absorb all your energy and leave no space for research, development and enjoying the past success of the organization.

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

How can one improve efficiency without creating a major financial strain? Many companies have found that increasing their in-house financial management and accounting capabilities does not help in streamlining work and decreasing the amounts of paperwork and unnecessary bureaucracy. In fact, it is easy to find examples where such expansion would lead to slower growth, lower employee job satisfaction and morale, missed developmental opportunities and unhappy clients. Outsourced accounting is another option that is becoming increasingly popular due to the apparent favorable cost-benefit ratio.

Outsourced Accounting

Importantly, outsourced accounting and financial administration used to mean moving only one or two of the activities that fall within these spheres out. In the past, a company would decide to outsource its more basic accounting processes, such as payroll or accounts payable and receivable. What happens now is that the cost benefit becomes increasingly greater when higher level accounting and finances work, such as budgeting and internal audits, is also outsourced – preferably, with the same contractor. One of the reasons for this further reliance on outsourced accounting is the fact that more and more companies are satisfied with the level of assistance they receive from their outsourced accounting firms, which improves confidence and encourages deeper cooperation.

Streamlining Processes

Another reason, according to Forbes, is that it is much easier to streamline processes and make them more efficient and transparent when the accounting is, in fact, outsourced. Beginning their new relationship with the external accountant, a company is forced to make their reporting simpler, eradicate unnecessary information exchanges, improve communication flow, and adhere to the best practices in the area. Simply put, outsourcing such an important part of your operations as finances or accounting helps you make a fresh start in many other things as well – and fresh starts are good for the company’s long-term prosperity and success as valuable lessons in efficiency and being to the point.

Quite often, a smaller business that is looking to expand its main line of work is being constricted by the fact that such an expansion would inevitably lead to more accounting headaches and a greater number of regulations to comply with and reports to make. At the same time, larger companies rely on state of the art information technology to streamline processes and avoid the pitfalls of too much reporting and cumbersome accounting. Importantly, with outsourced accounting the situation is changed dramatically. By outsourcing accounting and finances to a new level, a small (or smaller) business can make use of the outsourcers’ technological capabilities and expertise without having to dramatically increase or change their internal knowledge scope, training, allocation of resources or attention focus.

 This is perhaps the fundamental issue to understand about the increasing success and popularity of outsourced accounting – the cost-benefit factor is basically impossible to determine precisely, but it is certainly in the outsourcing business’s favor. Everything points to the fact that outsourcing accounting improves workflow and project management, streamlines communication, saves money, frees up personnel and other resources, and gives everyone access to technology and methodology that was earlier the prize of only the largest corporations out there.

New Directions in Development

The powerful and diverse information technology and expertise in the hands of the outsourced accountant can give a business or organization a new developmental impetus like few other things can. Outsourced accounting and financial administration, if done holistically, improves cash flow analysis, automates previously time consuming processes, increasing compliance with various rules, policies and regulations, diminishes the human error component and, overall, helps a business grow in its main line of operation.

The old stigma concerning outsourcing such an important component as accounting and finances is quickly fading into the past as more and more small and medium-sized business realize the favorable cost-benefit ratio and full potential that outsourced accounting holds for their long-term development, growth and prosperity. Around the globe, businesses and reputable publications are reporting this new paradigm to be working successfully, as information technology allows everyone to share in the new possibilities previously reserved for the select. Outsourced accounting is no longer about fear or uneasiness. It is now about moving forward to greater success.

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This article was written by Matthew Jameson, who outsourcced accounting for his company and is glad for it.

customs clearance broker

When you are a business owner, or if you work in a company that exports or imports products and goods, then you will discover that getting goods through customs can be a difficult and time-consuming process. There are so many rules and regulations involved in the process, that most businesses and organizations simply can’t do it by themselves. A customs clearance broker is highly skilled in the field, and can act as an agent between businesses and government agencies, they are a valuable asset to have for business owners and organizations. There are a number of benefits to using a customs brokerage firm. 


Knowledgeable about the Industry


In order to clear items through customs, you need to know all of the rules and regulations that need to be met. This is difficult for a number of reasons. Firstly, different countries have different rules for importing and exporting, which can be difficult to understand. Secondly, there are a lot of government agencies involved in the importing and exporting process, and knowing all of their rules and regulations can be difficult. Thirdly, there’s a great deal of paperwork involved in clearing goods through customs. A customs broker will be highly knowledgeable about their industry. They will be up to date on customs rules and regulations in a number of different countries. They are also aware of the rules and regulations that government agencies require businesses to meet when importing or exporting goods.

customs clearance broker

Have the Tools and the Resources Necessary


Customs brokers are not only highly knowledgeable about the industry, but they also have the tools and the resources necessary to clear goods through customs in an efficient manner. In order to clear goods through customs, a business must ensure that they have the right documents. They can also act as an agent between a business and government agencies. This is one of the most beneficial aspects of hiring a customs broker. They help a business to get their goods cleared with government agencies.

Make the whole Process more Budget Friendly and Efficient


For businesses, doing things in a timely and efficient manner is crucial. In order to see growth and an increase in turnover, a business must ensure that every aspect of their business is working efficiently. Importing and exporting goods is a process that is often long and difficult. If a business doesn’t have a skilled customs clearance broker to assist them, it can be a long and difficult process to clear their products. This can have a significant effect on a company’s profits. A customs broker will be able to make the customs clearance process much more efficient. This can save a business time and money.

Presentation Folders


How often have you bought presentation folders? If you have done it quite often, you must already be aware of the type of importance it has. Those who are not so sure about why there is a huge ruckus associated with using the best presentation folder can go through the following points and have a clear understanding.

How Prepared Are You?

When you are putting up a presentation, the most important thing that your clients are going to notice is how prepared you are for the show. If you are not fully prepared, it is going to tarnish your image totally. It is with the help of these folders that you will be able to project the perfect image and your clients will be impressed with your readiness.

Style Matters

When you are putting up a formal presentation, the style with which you execute the whole thing holds tremendous importance. You need to be sure that you are picking the right folders as it will complete the overall style that you will project. Having the befitting folders will send off the right message as it is a proof that you have done your homework in the right manner.

Making the Perfect Impression

We have all heard that first impression is the last impression. You will not get a lot of chances to better the impression that you project first. When you are choosing the right folders that look apt with the design of your presentation, it will put up the perfect impression. When presenters sort out their stuffs in the right manner and pick the best compartments to segregate the stuffs, the clients are sure to be pleased because they understand that the company takes every single job seriously.

By choosing the best folders and working upon the specifics of the presentation, you can be hopeful of impressing the end clients and this in turn will help you in polishing your skills.

Clear Doubts Quickly

Basically, a presentation folder will contain your fact sheet and other supporting documents that have helped you prepare your presentation. Sometimes, clients interrupt in between a presentation and they can ask you to verify your facts with the right resources. In such cases, scampering for the data sheet will create a wrong impression and portray a false picture. However, if you have all your supporting documents neatly stacked in your folder, you can provide them instantly and this will make your presentation successful.

Make the Best Presentation

It is not easy to make a flawless presentation. There is immense pressure to be immaculate with your timing and facts. At the same time, you need to make sure that you are taking care of other related details too. No doubt, the situation has the potential to turn chaotic. However, when you pick efficient presentation folders, you will be able to keep the scene in control as all your stuffs would be stacked at a single place which means you will have the right backup.

These are five of the main reasons as to why you should not fiddle with the type of presentation folders that you are choosing.

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Kcmouli is a freelancer blogger who loves to blog about anything related to business, including on marketing tips, tech reviews, lifestyle, online music, gadgets etc. Do check out some of the other posts and do share this post on web 2.0.

Australian Business

It’s a bad time to be a youth in Australia.  According to a study done by the Council of Australian Governments one in four people aged 17 to 24 do not have full time work, or aren’t studying full time.  That statistic is only true in some areas, in some states like Queensland and Tasmania it’s close to one and three. It’s harder than ever for educated young adults to get jobs on the continent, and a lot of people aren’t sure how they’re going to support themselves.

If you can’t find a job with business or company, why not take the time to form your own?  Starting your own business may seem too risky in a bad economy, but when you aren’t able to find work you might as well create your own.  Starting your own business takes a lot of work, but if you try to follow a few key tips you’ll find that you may have a good chance of becoming a self-made businessman.

Australian Business

Know why you want to start a business

What makes you want to start your own business?  If the answer to that question is that you want to make a lot of money or want to be your own boss, you may want to re-consider starting your business.  Those previous reasons are good reasons, but the aren’t enough to justify you devoting a lot your spare time, money, and energy to getting your business off the ground.  You need to truly be passionate about starting your own business, and you need to believe in the product or service you’re selling if you want to be a success.  Once you determine the reasons why you want to start a business, think about if they’re good enough reasons for you to start one.

Answer some questions

Before you set your mind on starting your own business, you need to figure a few things out.  A successful business can’t be started without asking yourself some very important questions:

  • Is your business idea able to be done with the right resources?
  • Is there a market for your product or service?
  • Can you clearly identify the market you think your business with thrive in?
  • Do I know who my immediate competitors are?
  • Do you have the financial capacity and time to devote to starting a new business?

Once you know the answers to this question, you’ll be ready to start planning your business.

Start to find funding

There’s a reason why the cost of starting a business is mentioned several times in this blog post.  Even the most cost effective businesses have to find enough money to pay their employees, obtain the necessary supplies for their goods or services, and handle other operation costs.  If you have good credit and a solid plan, your best bet would be to talk to bank to see if you can obtain a loan.  Once you have that money, look into finding serviced offices so you can have someone else handle maintaining certain aspects of your office so that you can focus on promoting and improving your product or service.

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Steve is a business owner in Australia who has had success in running a successful business down in Australia and knows what it takes to succeed.

compensation lawyers

If you have ever been involved in an accident, the first thing you probably think about is am I alright and the last thing is definitely, how much compensation will I be able to claim.


Not Life Threatening


arm injury
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Let’s face it, you need to know that the accident you have had is not life threatening and you have not lost a vital limb or sense such as you would suffer if you have a serious eye injury arising from the accident. Whiplash or the odd bruise or two is nothing compared with the loss of a leg, arm or indeed your eyesight. The truth is, all of these injuries are personal injuries but under Australian law, if your accident happened at work then you could be entitled to compensation whether or not your personal insurance is fully paid up.


Paying Out


Australian law, as with other nationalities throughout the world, is geared up for paying out compensation for the firm’s workers under various “workers’ compensation” schemes and the beauty of such schemes is that no fault has to be blamed on anyone for there to be a claim.


Compensation Lawyers

compensation lawyers

Image by jurvetson via flickr


Once you get round to thinking about compensation, there is relatively little difficulty in demystifying labour laws in Australia, especially if you can secure the services of a really good labour lawyer.




Another topic should be about liability. Your lawyer should specialise in a variety of topics from public liability and medical negligence; superannuation and insurance through to transport accidents and workers compensation and it is this topic that the team are particularly strong in as they boast that their lawyers are known for aggressively pursuing all claims as a trawl through their clients directory will attest.




Nowicki Carbone, compensation lawyers will demystify the labour laws for you as they will pursue a claim for you even if it may have been your fault. There does not have to be any blame attached on either the worker’s or the firm’s side if a worker suffers an injury at work providing the worker is carrying out the work he is being paid by the firm to do.




The same applies if it is the fault of one of your colleagues or even the firm’s management as lawyers will walk you through all eventualities for personal and public negligence on behalf of the firm plus all areas for compensation that are open and viable for you. These vary from the medical expenses one might occur to the financial hit you might take by not being able to return to work for some time but also includes lump sum payments for permanent injuries.




As I mentioned earlier, you have enough to think about with your injury, following any accident, so to have the reassurance which your lawyers offer you of chasing down punctual payment of all medical expenses; timely income benefits or supplements while you are unable to work, is something not to be missed. The only hindrance to making a compensation claim for personal injury, traffic accidents, public liability or medical negligence under Australian law is one of time since there are pretty severe and stringent restrictions on the amount of time one can take before making a claim for compensation.


Nowicki Carbone will get on with what they do best while you get on with recovering your health and wellbeing. Not for nothing are they known as Nowicki Carbone, compensation lawyers.



Author Bio: Trent Ryan Quinlan has a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies and has become more interested in research. Here he uses his multi-tasking and computing skills because he is such a stickler for details. Now, he writes blogs for websites that offer legal advice.

christmas ads

christmas ads

Image by e r j k p r u n c z y k via Flickr


The Best Christmas Ads Ever Made


If you watch television, browse through magazines or see billboards along the highway, chances are you’ve seen some of the most popular Christmas ads ever made. They range from classically appealing to cleverly humorous.


The Best Christmas TV Commercials


Commercials have the ability to evoke our emotions by making us smile or cry by featuring the simple important things like family, warmth, and believing.


Folgers Home from College for Christmas Past and Present

Folgers produced this feel-good commercial once in 1997 and once in 2009, both times focusing on an older brother, Peter, returning from college and being greeted by his little sister.  The 1997 version featured a much younger girl, while the 2009 one used a teenage sister. Both commercials showed them bonding together before the parents joined them for morning coffee.

Campbell’s Soup Snowman


This classic soup commercial spoke to moms everywhere, that hot chicken noodle soup could warm your child up after a hard play session in the snow. The commercial depicted that the snow literally melted, leaving a warm cute child instead.

M&Ms Christmas Commercial: They Do Exist


This classic commercial focuses the spirit of believing when the yellow and red M&Ms meet Santa Claus or rather faint at the sight of each other. Then they exclaim in shock that the other really does exist.

The Best Christmas Print Ads


Print ads allow you to draw your own conclusions from the photos, graphics, and slogans, but companies need to be catchy enough to grab your attention. Some of the best ones include the Mercedes Benz: Be there first ad.  It features the three wise men at the manger scene with the text, “Be there first. The GL 500 with 388 hp.”

Other memorable print advertisements include Pedigree’s infamous Christmas one, which features a “Beware of Dog,” sign with a golden retriever photo on the chimney. It warns Santa to remember the entire family this year. Another popular ad is the Heineken Santa Claus that crashed his sleigh of presents with the slogan, “Don’t drink and drive.”

Creating Your Own Christmas Ads


Whether you want to entice customers to visit your storefront for special sales or try new products, you’ll need custom advertising for the holidays. Consider ordering some Christmas themed banners or roll up display stands that detail your holiday specials.  Keep the graphics Christmas related and tie them into your products and merchandise if possible, such as Mrs. Claus wearing the new scarf your store is offering.

Remember to keep the overall style simple and the text and slogan catchy but short so it only takes a second to read. Use Christmas colors like red, green, white, or silver so customers know it is a holiday advertisement.

Remember the types of photos and slogans that spoke to you in some of the most popular Christmas ads ever and try to follow those when designing your own.

Author Bio: Mark Thomas has a unique ability to read others, both women and men just by observing and listening to them. This ability has made him popular with both the higher-ups and the little guys, which helped him move up in the marketing world. He now works as a Marketing Consultant, promoting new fashion apparel and accessories.